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Keywords: Broilers chicken; imports; price elasticity; cross and expenditure elasticity; Almost ideal demand system; Saudi Arabia.
They are the Linear Expenditure System (LES) developed by Stone (1954), the Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS) developed by Deaton & Muellbauer (1980), and the combination of these two systems into a Generalized Almost Ideal Demand System (GAIDS) proposed by Bollino & Violi (1990).
First, to our knowledge it is one of the first attempts to quantify the effects of the AH1N1 virus on consumption and expenditure of pork meat in Mexico using an Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS) for meat consumption in Mexico.
Inverting cost function into indirect utility, via Roy's Identity, we obtain Marshallian demand functions which we parameterize as the Generalized Almost Ideal demand system, GAI (Bollino, Economics Letters, 1987, a generalization of the Almost Ideal system introducing committed quantities), complying with consumer theory restrictions, i.e., adding up, symmetry, homogeneity and heterogeneous consumer exact aggregation constraints.
In this study, a system of six--NABs demand equations were specified and estimated within the framework of a static Linear Approximation of an Almost Ideal Demand System (LA-AIDS) [15].
Methods consist of statistical testing; regression, time series, panel data, hedonic price, factor, cluster, and cost-benefit analysis; demand modeling and forecasting; structural equation modeling; discrete choice analysis and experimental design; the almost ideal demand system; input-output and social accounting matrix models; computable general equilibrium modeling; grounded theory; ethnographic methods; focus groups; interviewing; participant observation; cross-cultural approaches; archival research; community case study research; and mixed methods like content analysis, meta-analyses of tourism research, and network analysis.
Deaton and Muellbauer (1980) showed that non-linear Engel curves of this type, also used in their Almost Ideal Demand (AID) system, allows consistent aggregation over individuals.
They have ranged from the fairly simple single-equation models, linear, semi- and double-logarithmic and logarithmic inverse, to the complex, Working-Leser, Linear Expenditure System, Almost ideal Demand System, and Linear Approximate Almost Ideal Demand System.
In particular, we examine the sensitivity of tax reform proposals to four versions of Deaton and Muellbauer's Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS) (Deaton and Muellbauer, 1980) each incorporating different assumptions regarding stochastic and dynamic specification.