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That is, the equilibrium is asymptotically stable almost everywhere (the equilibrium attract all points of this neighborhood except a set with zero Lebesgue measure).
If high-school and college girls in the days of Father Knows Best were as promiscuous as those of recent years, why did the annual birthrate per 1,000 unmarried girls aged 15-19 triple between 1960 and 1994, even as abortion went from being illegal almost everywhere to being available everywhere?
Government control of basic industry does not have a record of success, and almost everywhere it has been tried corruption and inefficiency have negatively impacted the economy.
Both fuels are available almost everywhere in the country, and since ethanol can cost about a third less than gas at current prices (although the mileage isn't as good), the homegrown fuel is very popular.
We have huge copper deposits almost everywhere and current geological mapping shows substantial new deposits in the east, west and north of the country.
Hitchhiking has taken me almost everywhere I've been--up and down the West Coast, all over the East Coast and New England, out to Colorado a few times, and down to Baja and back.
Almost everywhere that astronomers have applied this technique during the past 20 years or so, they've found polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), rings of carbon and hydrogen that have linked to form a variety of complex organic molecules.
Ironically, Gehry is now doing major work almost everywhere in the world but LA, whereas Mayne is beginning to enjoy wider recognition while continuing to realise important projects close to home.
Tax breaks, job-creation incentives and other goodies are being pushed almost everywhere, and whether or not finance departments are central players in the site decision, they will be documenting the potential savings.
Flavin engages other oppositions--between immediacy and mediation, for example, and materiality and immateriality--oppositions in play almost everywhere in advanced art of the '60s.
Almost everywhere in the country, from candlelit bistros to high-end restaurants, dining is a celebration of traditional fare dressed in innovative flavors.
Almost everywhere there is terrorism today, ideologies directly opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ are involved.