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ALOOAlbuquerque Operations Office
ALOOAssembly Line Order Operation (Northrop Grumman)
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If we had left out the side orders of onion bhaji and saag aloo it would have been the perfect amount but it would have been lacking in variety.
The Paratha House menu also offers a list of other Indian delicacies including kadai paneer, aloo jeera, chicken do pyaza and chicken curry as well as house specialties like rajma chaval or kidney beans and rice and the customary biryani.
WHERE: First Floor, Aravali Shopping Complex, Alaknanda, New Delhi- 110019 DIAL: 8800348633; 011- 46109191 MUST HAVE: Chholar Dal Narkel Diye ( ` 90); Potol Dolma ( ` 100); Jhinga Aloo Posto ( ` 130); Chingri or Fish Kabiraji ( ` 335 / ` 290); Moghlai Paratha & Kasha Mangsho ( ` 285); Chingri Macher Malai Curry ( jumbo prawns: ` 400 apiece; medium prawns: ` 350 for four pieces); and Ilish Mach Bhapa ( boneless; ` 400) All prices are for full servings City of Joy is set up like a family dining room with bamboo furniture, jutequilted ceiling and walls with Satyajit Ray film stills.
Jackson paid pounds 2000 to In 2004, fly Raj and two staffto London to cook his favourite veggie Indian meals, including Saag Paneer and Aloo Gobi.
Meal for two: Rs 2,300 (excluding alcohol) MUST-TRY: Chinese menu; Aloo Dum from regional menu
mg) Chapati Thin flatbread 3-4 pieces 27 Plain Parantha Flatbread without any filling 3 medium 27 Aloo Parantha Potato-stuffed flatbread 3 medium 54 Matar ka Parantha Flatbread with spicy pea stuffing 3 medium 85 Gobhi ka Parantha Cauliflower-stuffed flatbread 3 medium 65 Mooli Parantha White radish-stuffed flatbread 3 medium 79 Dal ka Parantha Flatbread with filling of Bengal gram 3 medium 79 Pyaaz our mirch ka Flatbread with parantha onion & green chili stuffing 3 medium 66 Poori Deep-fried unleavened bread 4-5 small 20 Palak poori Poori of dough made with pureed spinach 4-5 small 70 Tamarind Rice Tangy flavored rice from Southern India 1 bowl 53 Vangi Bhat Rice with eggplant 1 bowl 77 Mixed Vegetable Pulao 1 bowl 85 Plain Kichdi Mixture of rice and lentils 1 sm.
In safe hands: Chester Zoo's newly-born Humboldt penguins, Aloo and Bhaji
So the folks at McCain Foods India Private Limited engaged in plenty of tasting before launching Aloo Tikki and Tandoori Nuggets with spices to suit the Indian taste profile.
The new range, which includes Bombay potato, saag aloo, tarka dahl and vegetable curry, is available now in 300g pouches [rsp: 1.
Members can enjoy specialties such as Bollywood chicken curry, Aloo tikki, tarka dall, tandoori breads and house kheer, which are all included in the three-course menu.
To serve: Place hing dhania aloo in tiffin box and serve with poori
Snacks: samosas, pakoras (fried dumplings), kachoris (fried pastries), aloo bonda (curried potato dumplings), paneer tikkas (marinated cottage cheese that's barbecued), spring rolls, vegetarian kebabs, and dosas (traditional South Indian savory crepe served with curried potatoes and lentil soup);