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ALPHAgricultural Leadership Program of Hawaii (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
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Alph quickly discovers that the native Pikmin are happy to help.
Meanwhile I, humble interculturalist, have never been to "where Alph the sacred river ran/ Through caverns measureless to man.
We started this project nearly four months ago," says Wael Abdullah, a public relations manager of the Alph Bookstores, which initiated the move.
Capability: The Alph NG app performs quick natural gas process calculations, including two- and three-phase flash calculations, phase envelopes, hydrate temperature, and pressure prediction.
Stavans elaborates by citing aleph as an important classical reference in poetry, pointing out that Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in his poem "Kubla Khan," anointed the secret river that "ran through caverns measureless to man down to a sunless sea," as Alph, a variation of aleph.
Roger teal's foray into training jumpers could not have worked out any better as the giant Alph caused an equally large upset in the pounds 20,000 WBX.
ALPH - a final fence fall in the novice chase at Plump-ton may have scuppered his chance of a first win over fences, but the 10-year-old forced 2-7 favourite Phar Bleu to pull out all the stops running to the last.
The Paul Nichollstrained 2-7 favourite soon led but was harried along by Alph swinging off the final bend.
This can be seen if we rewrite the lines with different punctuation, as follows: "Where Alph (the sacred river) ran, / Through caverns measureless to man, / Down to a sunless sea.
In his presentation, Alph Bingham asked the question, "How does creativity fit in to CI?
There was an element of deja vu to the triumph of Royal Shakespeare over Alph in the Agfa UK Hurdle.
The German Shepherd is Alph, because he's the boss and in the wild alpha is the top dog.