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ÅSÅsane Fotball (Norwegian football club)
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Using an Alpha Smart unit--similar to a laptop computer, but not a laptop computer--the form can be copied and sent from my office computer, using Get Utility 3.2, to one or more of the eight files available on the Alpha Smart.
Using the typed notes on the Alpha Smart unit, the same type of review can be completed.
One includes a paper notebook--largely unused--some business cards, and general university information; a second large pocket contains the Alpha Smart unit; and the very small pocket in the bag now contains a Palm Pilot and Canon digital camera.
Participants entered their comments into an Alpha Smart typing unit for transfer to a personal computer.
The melding of the Alpha Smart laptops, which can perform word-processing, calculating, and simple file management, and the more powerful full-blown Project Smart PCs was perfect.
The district's own very impressive efforts have been greatly extended by the many additional hours of training given by Youthline USA, Alpha Smart, Classroom Connect and others.