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ACRONYMAbbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning :-)
ACRONYMAlphabetic Collocation Reducing Or Numbing Your Memory :-)
ACRONYMA Criminal Regiment of Nasty Young Men
ACRONYMA Contrived Reduction Of Nomenclature Yielding Mnemonics :-)
ACRONYMA Completely Random Order Never Yields Meaning :-)
ACRONYMAbbreviation By Cropping Names That Yield Meaning :-)
ACRONYMAlphanumeric Code for Remembering Odd Names You Make up :-)
ACRONYMA Crazy Reminder Of Names You Misplaced :-)
ACRONYMAbbreviated Code Rarely Or Never Yielding Meaning :-)
ACRONYMA Concise Recollection of Nomenclature Yielding Mnemonics :-)
ACRONYMAlphabetically Coded Reminder of Names You Misremember :-)
ACRONYMAbbreviation Code Rendering One Name Yielding Mnemonic :-)
ACRONYMArcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery (MouseHunt)
ACRONYMA Concise Reduction Obliquely Naming Your Meaning :-)
ACRONYMAmerican Committee Really Out To Numb Your Mind :-)
ACRONYMA Clever Re-Organisation Nudges Your Memory :-)
ACRONYMAlphabetical Character Rendition Of a Name Yielding a Meaning :-)
ACRONYMAcademy's Choice Reading, One Newspaper for You and Me (Newspaper of IMSA)
ACRONYMA Cross Reference Of Notes Yielding Messages :-)
ACRONYMAmerican Committee Research on New York Mayors
ACRONYMAlphabetically Condensed Representation of Neologically Yclept Magniloquence :-)
ACRONYMAnnotation Creation for Your Media (digital photograph annotation tool)
ACRONYMAnnoyingly Cryptic References or Names You Make :-)
ACRONYMAutomatic Computerized Reorganization of Names Yielding Meaninglessness :-)
ACRONYMA Cryptic Reminder Of Names You Meet :-)
ACRONYMA Coded Rendition of Name Yielding Meaning
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