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* touchscreen is specific for smart mobile devices with a large screen and imitate alphanumeric keyboard or QWERTY keyboard, figure 4;
The Whirlwind computer at MIT had a cathode ray tube, a light pen, and an alphanumeric keyboard in the late 1940s.
A full alphanumeric keyboard allows for personalized reports.
The unit includes a built-in alphanumeric keyboard, menu-driven multi-line LCD display, calculator functions, memory for up to 800 values, and a multifunction end cover with adapter plate and alignment aid.
The system also boasts a special high-speed software package that consists of a 64-bit RISC processor, state-of-the-art Fanuc High Precision Contour Control (HPCC) software with full alphanumeric keyboard, high-speed rigid tapping, data server, network capable through Ethernet connection, and NURBS interpolation.
Additional standard equipment includes oil/air mist spindle bearings lubrication, a full alphanumeric keyboard, spindle and cutting air blast system, full chips and coolant guards, and a swivel control panel for ease of operation.
These range from small devices that contain virtual keyboards to larger devices that look like miniature computers, complete with a full alphanumeric keyboard. Two-way pagers also are used with PDAs to provide a wireless data link.
They are less expensive than the PalmPilots suggested as a basis for the described activities (sometimes far less expensive; we bought a top-of-the-line Texas Instruments calculator, with alphanumeric keyboard, for $70).
It features an alphanumeric keyboard and PID temperature control to 400 C.
Weapon selection will be made via an alphanumeric keyboard and its screen will be the helicopter application of a new technique known as "thin film electroluminescence".
The I/O devices which come standard on the ASIST are: an alphanumeric keyboard and 43 programmable function keys, all with click action; a pressure sensitive area for graphics input with approximately 100 dots/inch resolution; a liquid crystal display of 256 x 64 dots or 8 lines of 40 characters per line; a calendar clock readable in year, month, day, hour, minute and seconds; an acoustically coupled modem and a transmitter/receiver for optical connection to a stand with an RS232 interface.