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ALPOAssociation of Lunar and Planetary Observers
ALPOAllegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
ALPOAlpha Phi Omega (service fraternity)
ALPOAssistant Leading Petty Officer
ALPOAir-Land Project Officer
ALPOAir-Land Programs Office
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The Security Police suspected that Alpo Rusi and his brother Jukka had been spying for the German Democratic Republic in 1969-76, but the state prosecutor found the suspicions unfounded.
Friskies' dry ALPO products have contained this patented ingredient for about two years.
Consumers can also save up to $8 when they buy a select Alpo product and a copy of the 101 Dalmatians video.
The breadth and influence of ALPO flourished under Haas's leadership.
6) A libration chart drawn up by Wegner was published by Walter Haas, ALPO founder Director and Editor, in its Journal, Strolling Astronomer.
even opened a temporary restaurant for dogs--the Alpo Chop House Originals Grill--in Boston.
There are reasons for considering an intelligence service for the European Union after the terrorist attacks in Madrid, Spain, according to the Finnish foreign advisor and EU parliament candidate Alpo Rusi.
Miettinen commissioned two works from young Finnish choreographers Tero Saarinen and Alpo Aaltokoski.
He became the first ALPO Jupiter Recorder in 1949 and prepared most of their reports during the following years.
Liisa Jaakonsaari, the chairman of the foreign police committee in the parliament, has also said that she would like to know who made Alpo Rusi's name available to the public, reported the Finnish online newsletter Internytt.