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ALPRAutomatic License Plate Recognition
ALPRAdvanced Lotus Password Recovery
ALPRAdvanced Lotus Password Recovery (software)
ALPRAdvanced License Plate Recognition
ALPRArgonne Low Power Reactor
ALPRAfrican-American Law and Policy Report (journal)
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The organization favors laws limiting how long information collected by ALPR systems can be saved and how it can be used.
Corbett (2008:8-9) investigates ALPR as part of a broader discussion of traffic surveillance in the United Kingdom including speed cameras, electronic tagging of vehicles to tax drivers for road usage, and satellite technologies to restrict vehicle speeds to the posted limits.
What if an ALPR unit falls into the hands of someone not in law enforcement, someone with other motives and other people to surveil or seek out?
With the new PlateScan ALPR functionality, the Toughbook Arbitrator system will be enabled to constantly scan license plates, comparing them automatically against multiple local, regional, state and federal databases of interest to law enforcement.
The ratio of the power in the modulated carrier to the measured power level in the ACPR and ALPR in a given resolution bandwidth (30 kHz) is a figure of merit for the description of the linearity requirements.
The readers, called ALPRs, can store a lot of information; the Riverside, Calif.
Motorola and PIPS Technology developed a cost-effective and efficient ALPR solution that gives law enforcement an invaluable tool in combating auto theft and other crimes.
For information about the Liverpool Victoria Tax-Free Savings Plan, call 0800 085 8811 quoting ALPR.
Contracts: The contract relates to the purchase of ALPR software / Automatic Identity Registration (ALPR) license.