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The surrender terms were harsh for France: it had to pay a large amount of compensation, agree to the abolition of the 2nd French Empire, a German occupation of northern France till she repaid her war debts and lastly the humiliating German annexation of Alsace-Lorraine.
After the war of 1870, France and Germany would fight two more wars, ending with the permanent transfer of Alsace-Lorraine to France.
The current situation in Kashmir too mirrors that of Alsace-Lorraine. Although only to an extent as Kashmir has been the victim to the very same European colonialism that France and Germany displayed in their 'scramble for Africa'.
Unlike Alsace-Lorraine, there is no certainty that a Kashmiri solution would lead to regional peace as (unbeknownst to no one) the Indo-Pak enmity has been longer and deadlier than the Franco-German one.
Many, like the descendants of optants (those who chose to leave German-occupied Alsace-Lorraine to preserve their French heritage) from 1872, were raised in the cult of the lost provinces.
Meanwhile, however, numerous Alsace-Lorraine family photographs collected by the authors show German soldiers as being part of the decor (273).
The fifth chapter then looks at how (and by whom) Alsace-Lorraine's political future has been discussed.
Benefiting from l'eblouissement tricolore, President Poincare estimated in his famous "le plebiscite est fait" that Alsace-Lorraine should simply return to the fold of the mere-patrie.
Total war thus defined the parameters within which the schools of Alsace-Lorraine operated.
The schools were divided by the religious faiths in Alsace-Lorraine; in 1910, the province was approximately 78 percent Catholic, 20 percent Protestant, and 2 percent Jewish.
Primary schools (Volksschulen) in Alsace-Lorraine were places for the children of the people - the farmers, workers, and the lower middle class who made up the vast majority of the population.
When the war broke out in August 1914, schools in Alsace-Lorraine had been dismissed for summer vacation and were to reconvene in October.