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ALMSAmerican Le Mans Series (French)
ALMSAmerican Le Mans Series
ALMSArmy Learning Management System (US Army)
ALMSAlstrom Syndrome
ALMSAutomated Logistics Management System
ALMSAlberta Livestock and Meat Strategy (Canada)
ALMSAtomic Line Molecular Spectroscopy
ALMSAnalytic Language Manipulation System
ALMSAdvanced Lessons Management System
ALMSAddress List Management System (USPS)
ALMSAsset Library Management System
ALMSAir-Launched Missile System
ALMSAuxiliary Liquid Metal System
ALMSAssembly Line Monitoring System
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Theory-of-mind in adolescents and young adults with Alstrom syndrome.
Rida was referred to a geneticist at Birmingham Children's Hospital where further tests found she had Alstrom Syndrome.
People with Alstrom Syndrome rarely live beyond the age of 50.
In this report, we draw attention to a very rare syndrome, Alstrom syndrome, which may be complicated with dilated cardiomyopathy occurred in 60 % of patients in a 182 patient series (1).
Alstrom Syndrome is a disease where the Alstrom gene - named after the Swedish scientist who discovered the syndrome - is damaged.
Several genetic disorders can increase the odds of obesity in children, including Down syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Cushing's syndrome, Alstrom syndrome, primary or secondary hypothyroidism, and primary hyperinsulinism.
org 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 ALPHA-GALACTOSIDASE DEFICIENCY See: Fabry Disease ALPORT SYNDROME See: Hearing Impairments; Kidney Diseases, Hereditary; Vision Impairments ALSTROM SYNDROME See also: Diabetes Mellitus; Hearing Impairments; Kidney Disorders; Retinitis Pigmentosa; Visual Impairments Alstrom Syndrome Newsletter 1006 Howard Rd.
ProMetic Life Sciences' orally active lead drug candidate, PBI-4050, has been granted an orphan drug designation status for the treatment of Alstrom Syndrome ("AS") by the European Commission.