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ALTAIRAutomated Labor/Time and Attendance Input and Reporting
ALTAIRApprendimento Linguistico Tecnologicamente Avanzato in Rete (Italian: Language Learning in Technologically Advanced Network; Bologna, Italy)
ALTAIRARPA Long Range Tracking & Instrumentation Radar
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Privately held with more than 2,000 employees, Altair is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA and operates more than 45 offices throughout 22 countries.
AltAir Paramount is a 35 million gallon per year renewable fuels company that operates at Paramount Petroleum Corporation's refinery in Paramount, CA.
Altair Semiconductor is a developer of high-performance, single-mode LTE chipsets.
More than 30 original design manufacturers around the world have selected Altair to connect more than 80 end- user devices such as tablets, netbooks, USB dongles, portable hotspots, fixed routers and modems, and M2M applications.
We are excited to have been selected by u-blox, a proven leader in the wireless module industry, as their single- mode LTE chip partner, said Eran Eshed, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing of Altair.
Altair announced in November that it had been selected by Polish service provider Mobyland to power the first commercial-grade deployment available on a 1800MHz LTE network.
Altair has expanded the HyperWorks platform to include new, third party-software applications under one simple licensing system, delivering more than 40 individual software solutions to customers.
Altair OptiStruct is a highly advanced finite-element-based software for both structural analysis and design optimization.
Our research in battery electrode materials is a further indication of how Altair's scientists are able to apply their nanomaterials science knowledge to solving real-world needs," said Altair CEO Alan Gotcher.
The increasingly aggressive weight targets and shortening development timescales in the civil aircraft industry require a new approach to aircraft design,' said Royston Jones, managing director of Altair Engineering, which has offices in Coventry and Manchester.
With a wingspan of 86 feet, Altair is designed for flying well above 50,000 feet for as long as 44 hours.
RenaZorb testing in dogs is expected to be completed in approximately 30 days and we anticipate conclusive data regarding RenaZorb's relative performance in vivo (animal testing) at that time," said Altair Nanotechnologies president Dr.