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ACOAAdult Children Of Alcoholics
ACOAAtlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
ACOAAmerican Committee on Africa
ACOAAnterior Communicating Artery
ACOAArizona Center on Aging
ACOAAssociation Canadienne des Orthophonistes et Audiologistes (Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists)
ACOAAdaptive Course Of Action
ACOAAustralian Council for Overseas Aid (Australia)
ACOAAlternative Course of Action
ACOAAlternate Course Of Action
ACOAActivity Center for Older Adults
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Using this as an example, the client type is children, the problem is adverse reactions to vaccines, the intervention is vaccines, an alternate course of action is no vaccines, and what you (the social worker) would like to establish is the probability of vaccine adverse reactions based on data from empirical studies.
First, B might be an alternate course of action open at the time that one performs A.
But it still rejects the key aspect of Frankfurt's portrayal; under PPPB's construal an agent cannot be responsible for her action, unless there is (or was, foreseeably connected to her present situation) some causally possible alternate course of action open to her.
Legal wrote that violations occurred when, "the pilot chose to continue their flights without implementing an icing exit strategy or an alternate course of action and the aircraft experienced heavy ice formation that validated the forecasted danger to the aircraft.
Instead, they contend that a pilot needs to plan for an alternate course of action in case forecast conditions become validated.
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