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AOSSAirStation One-Touch Secure System (Buffalo Technology)
AOSSAirstation Onetouch Secure System (wireless networking)
AOSSAsia Open Source Software (symposium)
AOSSAustralian Open Source Symposium (computer development)
AOSSAviation Ordnance Safety Supervisor (US DoD)
AOSSAlternate Operating System Scanner (spyware protection)
AOSSAutomated Office Support Systems
AOSSAtmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences Department (University of Michigan)
AOSSAuxiliary Operator Service System
AOSSAdult-Onset Skating Syndrome (ice skating)
AOSSAngle of Side-Slip
AOSSAgent's Office Security System
AOSSAirfield Operations System Specialist (US Air Force)
AOSSAirborne Oil Surveillance System (US Coast Guard)
AOSSAdvanced Research Project Agency Optical System Study
AOSSAlternative Onsite Sewage System
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