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A/WAutumn/Winter (fashion)
A/WA-Wing (Star Wars)
A/WAlloy Wheels
A/WActual Weight
A/WAlternate Weeks
A/WAutomatic Win (gaming)
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"Other residents have a calendar clearly stating that it will be on alternate weeks. "That particular calendar also happens to have no September nor November - they have given us two Octobers instead.
During this time, they alternate weeks between being full-time students and working full-time in the job-training program.
Dr Cargill has served the area for nearly 18 years but wants a colleague to share the 24-hour cover for the 265 patients and work alternate weeks with her.
"Residents will still have a weekly refuse collection, with their recycling and green waste collected on alternate weeks."
Fortnightly collections of general refuse are so far used by around 140 authorities to encourage recycling, with recyclable items like glass, newspaper and cans being collected on alternate weeks.
Working alternate weeks, the daily marathon between December and Easter has brought its share of peaks, and a few troughs, to the mountain rescue team member.
On the alternate weeks, Stan Tekiela, described as a Minnesota naturalist, nature photographer and writer, will fill the space.
It is probable Bond, married to Emma who is expecting their first child in May, will be playing on the Challenge Tour in alternate weeks.
Plastic recycling returned in July 2003, but collection of recyclables was moved to alternate weeks.
The Internet group had chat sessions on the alternate weeks, while the in-person group continued with interactive television.
The pick-up schedule is set for alternate weeks starting July 14.
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