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ADSActive Directory Services
ADSAmerican Depository Share (international financial instrument)
ADSAddress (logging abbreviation)
ADSAcudetox Specialist (medical title)
ADSAcupuncture Detoxification Specialist
ADSAlliance Data Systems (Dallas, TX)
ADSAdvanced Design System (Agilent EEsof)
ADSAutomatic Dependent Surveillance
ADSAstrophysics Data System (NASA)
ADSAlgorithms and Data Structures
ADSApplication Development Services
ADSAdult Day Services
ADSApproved Destination Status (bilateral tourism arrangement)
ADSAllied Digital Services
ADSAccess and Delivery Services (various schools)
ADSAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (data communications)
ADSAdvanced Drainage Systems (type of HDPE culvert)
ADSA Different Street (transitional housing; Canada)
ADSAbstract Data Structure (computer programming)
ADSAlternate Data Stream
ADSAustralian Diabetes Association
ADSAmateur Dramatic Society (UK)
ADSAdjoints de Sécurité (Frech: Deputy Security)
ADSAmerican Dialect Society
ADSAcoustic Detection System (Army Research Laboratory)
ADSArt Deco Society (various locations)
ADSAdvantage Database Server (database management)
ADSAnalog-Digital System
ADSAlliance Distribution Services (Australia)
ADSApplication Development System
ADSActive Denial System
ADSArchaeology Data Service (University of York, UK)
ADSAdobe Document Services (Web service)
ADSAlfred-Delp-Schule (German school)
ADSAnatomical Dead Space
ADSAmerican Data Services
ADSAsian Dust Storm
ADSArchitecture and Design Scotland (UK)
ADSAdaptive Damping System (Mercedes-Benz automobiles)
ADSAdvanced Dressing Station
ADSAufmerksamkeitsdefizitsyndrom (German)
ADSAutomated Distribution System
ADSActive Directory Data Store
ADSAutomated Data Service
ADSAuthoritative Data Source
ADSArchitecture Description Specification
ADSAdobe Document Server
ADSAiming Down the Sight
ADSAdaptive Damping System
ADSAutomated Deployment Services
ADSActive Directory Service
ADSAlternate Data Storage
ADSAda Package Specification
ADSAudi Drive Select
ADSAlternate Data Streams
ADSArea Data Set
ADSAddress Strobe
ADSAir Discount Scheme (UK)
ADSAfter Downing Street (political organization)
ADSAutomated Document(ation) System
ADSAir Defense Section (US DoD)
ADSAlternative Depreciation System (IRS)
ADSAlcohol and Drug Services
ADSApplication Data Sheet
ADSAdvanced Data Systems
ADSAccelerator Driven System
ADSAmerican Daffodil Society
ADSAmerican Driving Society
ADSAssociation of Diesel Specialists
ADSAir Data System
ADSAmerican Dahlia Society
ADSAir Defense Sector
ADSAttention Deficit Syndrome
ADSAdelanto de Salario (Spanish: Salary Advancement; Guatemala)
ADSAudio Distribution System
ADSAdvanced Deployable System
ADSAfter Dinner Speaking
ADSAdvanced Distributed Simulation
ADSApplied Digital Solutions, Inc
ADSAdvanced Digital System
ADSAlternative Delivery System
ADSAutomated Data System
ADSActivity Data Sheet
ADSAitken Double Star (astronomy catalog)
ADSAuthoritative Data Sources
ADSAutoCAD Development System
ADSAircraft Defensive System
ADSApplication Development Solution
ADSAir Demonstration Squadron
ADSAtmospheric Diving Suit
ADSAutograph Document Signed
ADSAutomatic Distribution System
ADSAttitude Determination System
ADSAtlantic Data Services
ADSArchitectural Data Systems (New York)
ADSAdvanced Detection System
ADSAssociation for Dressings and Sauces
ADSAmphibian Discharge Site (US DoD)
ADSAgent/Distributor Service
ADSAlaska Dental Society
ADSAir Data Sensor
ADSAerial Delivery System
ADSAssociate Director of Science (CDC)
ADSAutomated Deployment Service (Microsoft)
ADSAutonomous Decentralized System
ADSAtmospheric Dive System (US Navy)
ADSAlpha Delta Sigma (national honor society)
ADSAdvertisement and Discovery of Services
ADSAirdrop System (C-5)
ADSAeronautical Design Standard
ADSAmerican Druze Society
ADSArchitectural Design Session
ADSAutomatic Depressurization System
ADSApplication Development Standards
ADSArea Denial System
ADSAdvanced Display System
ADSAmbulatory Data System
ADSAssistant Director Skinner (X-Files character)
ADSAccreditation Data System
ADSApplication Delivery Strategy
ADSAuxiliary Data System
ADSAverage Dollar Sales (retail business metric)
ADSAdditional Data Sheet
ADSAegis Display System
ADSAdvanced Diabetes Supply (Carlsbad, CA)
ADSAir Defense Squadron (SAGE)
ADSAntenna Distribution System
ADSAnnular Denuder System
ADSAir Defense Suppression
ADSAim Down the Sight (video games; aka Aim Down the Scope)
ADSAdvance Disposal Surcharge
ADSAzimuth Determining System
ADSAngular Displacement Sensor
ADSAuto Data Switch
ADSAdvanced Data Service (Sprint - Group)
ADSAutomatic Defense System
ADSAd Sectam (Latin: at the suit of)
ADSActive Duty Support
ADSAutomated Disbursing System
ADSAccessory Drive System
ADSAutomatic Debiting System
ADSAda Development System
ADSAntex Data Systems
ADSAirport & Desktop Services (SITA)
ADSArchive and Distribution Segment
ADSAddress Data Strobe
ADSArmy Development System
ADSAltitude Decompression Sickness
ADSAll Digital Simulation
ADSAirspace Deconfliction System
ADSActive Database System
ADSAntidiuretic Substance
ADSAdvanced Degaussing System
ADSAccreditation Documentation Set
ADSAdvanced Distribution System, Inc.
ADSAnalog Distribution System
ADSAirlift Defensive System
ADSArea Detection System
ADSAirdrop Delivery System (C-17)
ADSAccess Data Support
ADSAligned Documentation System
ADSAdvanced Digital Switch
ADSAdvertisement Subsystem (JAXA)
ADSAcquisition Data System
ADSAcquisition Display System
ADSAlert Distribution System (Sprint)
ADSAcoustic Detection Sensor
ADSAverage Distance Spectrum
ADSAssociated Directory Services (SBC - Affiliate)
ADSAdministration of Designed Services
ADSAdapted Dysfunctional State
ADSAdvanced Decommutation System
ADSAutomated Documentation Software
ADSAirworthiness Directives Subsystem
ADSAttitude to Disabilities Scale
ADSAerospace, Defence & Security Organisation (trade organization; UK)
ADSAlent Design Solutions
ADSAsynchronous Data Set
ADSAuxiliary Display System
ADSAustralian Dancing Society Ltd
ADSAccess Distribution Switch (ADC)
ADSAutomatic Data Selection
ADSAutomated Digital Switch
ADSAnalyzer Detecting Set
ADSAdaptive Dataport System (Verilink)
ADSAdministrative Domain Server (Alcatel)
ADSArtillery Delivered Sensor
ADSAdvanced Deep-Dive System
ADSAmcor American Depositary Shares
ADSARTS Development System
ADSAdministrative Discharge Section
ADSAmmunition Drive System
ADSAutomatic Data Services Center (Air Force Office)
ADSApproval Data Submittals
ADSAir Deployable Deception Device
ADSAquitaine Dépannage Service (French automotive repair company)
ADSAdaptive Diagnostics System
ADSAddisod, TX (Near Dallas) Airport Code
ADSApproved Demand Statement (various companies)
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Different insertion prices among newspapers have driven Tandy to use Advo and other alternative delivery systems for some of its divisions, he said.
As daily intake of supplements continues to become part of more Americans' health regimens, suppliers have been flooding the market with alternative delivery systems that often make ingesting vitamins, minerals and herbs as easy as drinking a glass of water or chewing a piece of candy.
The topics to be presented by experts in the field include: the current political climate, status of benefits in the revenue raising game, specifics of recently passed and pending legislation and regulations, growth of managed health care systems, evaluation of alternative delivery systems, as well as other topics of concern to the beneifts public.
EoACA[pounds sterling]We now have a more complete picture of the intersection between the alternative delivery systems for linear, digital and interactive TV services and there are significant gaps particularly in broadband roll-out.
With fraud statistics on the rise-and new, alternative delivery systems for financial transactions enticing criminals-credit unions are wise to arm themselves with fraud-fighting tools and strategies.
Today's newest prescription methods include alternative delivery systems for hormones like the ones that have made the pill effective and popular.
(TTI), a private company based in Florida, USA, specializes in leveraging its patented rapid acting, drug-specific transdermal delivery technology to develop effective alternative delivery systems for valued drugs.
(26) Examiners stated that Trust Company also enhanced distribution of banking services through ATMs, on-line banking, telephone banking, and other alternative delivery systems. They further noted that Trust Company offered Lifeline Checking Accounts, an electronic benefits transfer program, low-fee checking accounts for nonprofit organizations, and other products designed to directly or indirectly assist LMI individuals.
In relation to the issue of cost several studies should be studied by the students and discussed within groups (e.g., studies that have found teleradiology to cost less than alternative delivery systems [10,11,12], detection of potential cost savings from teledermatology [13], a cost analysis of a teleoncology practice [14]).
On the whole, however, institutions must be concerned about the effect that alternative delivery systems will have on access to credit and other banking services for lower-income individuals within their community.
The NSI is also looking at opportunities to meet demand for its programs through alternative delivery systems such as the Internet.
Dave DeMarea, manager of retail alternative delivery systems with Arvest Bank Operations Inc., says 55 percent of his company's 20,000 customers have used the service at least once.
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