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ADRAAdventist Development and Relief Agency
ADRAAdministrative Dispute Resolution Act
ADRAAgencia Adventista para el Desarrollo y Recursos Asistenciales (Peru)
ADRAAlternative Dispute Resolution Act
ADRAAdministrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1990
ADRAAustralian Drivers Rights Association (est. 1998)
ADRAAgence Adventiste d'Aide et de Développement (French)
ADRAAddictive Disorders Regulatory Authority
ADRAAnimal Diseases Research Association (United Kingdom)
ADRAAmerican Dream Restoration Act
ADRAAgencia de Desarollo y Recursos Asistenciales de la Iglesia Adventista de Guatemala (Agency of Development and Welfare Resources of the Adventist Church of Guatemala)
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Federal Arbitration Act of 1925; (2) the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 1998; (3) the Geneva and New York Convention; (4) the UNCITRAL Model Law; (5) the 1CSID Convention; and (6) Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) that exist among most nations of the world (Stromberg, 2007; Szalai, 2007; Fitzpatrick & Diluito, 2012; Peterson, 2007; Trainer, 2008; Rajkumar, 2005; Drahos, 2002).
These statutes are respectively (a) the Federal Arbitration Act (1925); and (b) the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act (1998).
The Alternative Dispute Resolution Act (1998) was motivated by a Congressional desire to reduce the cost and volume of civil litigation addressed by Federal courts (Baum, 1999).
The Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 1998 and prior federal legislation have resulted in the development of ADR programs in the nation's federal district courts.
Kalanuri also emphasised the need for introducing Alternative Dispute Resolution Act in Punjab, like in the federal capital.
Committee (LRC) met here on Tuesday to propose amendments and reforms in Civil Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution Act.
Chairing the meeting, Ashraf Gujjar said that the committee would draft a bill including amended proposals in the Civil Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution Act to speed up justice and would submit it to the Parliament for approval.
Discussing the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act, Kamran Basharat said panchayats/reconciliation committees should be established in union council level for speedy dispute resolution.
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