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ADRMApplied Data Resource Management
ADRMAdverse Drug Reaction Monitoring
ADRMadvection-diffusion-reaction model
ADRMAlternative Dispute Resolution Method (resolution outside government judicial process)
ADRMAnalog Digital Remastering (recordings)
ADRMAlternate Dispute Resolution Mediation (Boise State University; Idaho)
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Our approach is, first and foremost, we try to apply what is called Alternative Dispute Resolution Method. We feel that a lot of people don't know and so we try to do enlightenment.
[section] 558, which sets out an alternative dispute resolution method of fixing construction defects.
Through the newly established partnership, both parties will aim to promote a wider use of arbitration and mediation and facilitate the exchange of information on alternative dispute resolution methods. Each party will benefit from prioritised access to the facilities and services offered at the other party's centre, including meeting rooms, offices and interpretation and translation services.
(e) Must, as a condition precedent to filing suit under the policy, and, if required by the insurer, participate in appraisal or other alternative dispute resolution methods in accordance with the terms of the policy.
The fifth edition of the Annual International Arbitration & Regulatory Global Summit, organised by Wolter Kluwer, a leading online resource for international arbitration research, was attended by a series of speakers of legal experts and specialised arbitrators to discuss latest trends in arbitration and review the growth alternative dispute resolution methods in Qatar and the region.
He said alternative dispute resolution methods are anchored in law.
Like other fiscal statues in Pakistan, the Federal Excise Act also makes provision for the settlement of disputes through the help of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods. As per law, any registered person may make a formal request to the Federal Board of Revenue for the redressal of his grievance pertaining to; liability of excise duty or entitlement of refund; penalty and extent of waiver of default surcharge; confiscation of his goods; concession in terms of any procedural or technical irregularities; blinking at delay or some other specific relief27.
It has led to not only an increase in the number of arbitrations, but also the use of alternative dispute resolution methods - such as dispute resolution boards, third party independent reviews, and expert determinations - in an effort for the parties to retain more control over the process, reduce their costs, and consider the issues more from a technical perspective."
In September 2017, the CLDP, in partnership with the SCCA, conducted a commercial arbitration workshop and trained over 50 public and private sector legal practitioners on commercial arbitration and alternative dispute resolution methods.
"We are keen to promote alternative dispute resolution methods where possible, with the new Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) used by over 80,000 people in its first year."
The firm offers alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative law and promote the use of family mediation as a way of resolving conflict.
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