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ADRPArmy Doctrine Reference Publication
ADRPAdipose Differentiation Related Protein
ADRPAutosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa
ADRPAlternative Dispute Resolution Procedure (various locations)
ADRPAlternative Dispute Resolution Program
ADRPArmy DISN Router Program
ADRPAutomated Data Reduction Program
ADRPAutomated Data Retriever and Processor
ADRPAdaptive Distributed Reuse Partitioning
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An article on Islamic finance in international arbitration argues that this alternative dispute resolution procedure is an efficient and effective method of resolving disputes arising out of institutional Islamic finance and banking deals.
That said, we expect the advantages offered by alternative dispute resolution procedure will continue to offer a welcome forum for business."
In addition, the bill sets up an alternative dispute resolution procedure, which also would help control the cost of lawsuits.
They have substantial experience in jury trials and in alternative dispute resolution procedures, including arbitrations and mediations.
Family Law Rule 12.745 outlines the procedures, including that the collaborative process can be used after litigation has started or in conjunction with other alternative dispute resolution procedures, such as mediation.
This change brings the old style tenancies into line with the new style Farm Business Tenancies, through which parties can agree to refer matters to alternative dispute resolution procedures other than an arbitrator.
They will also advise on alternative dispute resolution procedures which would avoid the need to go to court.
Mediation is one of several alternative dispute resolution procedures. The others include early neutral evaluation, mini-trial and conciliation.
It will submit initiatives on alternative dispute resolution procedures involving consumers and will examine proposals in the area of collective redress, taking account of the results of the consultation of stakeholders.
The book includes a country-by-country focus on how domain names relate to existing trademark law and on the developing case law in the field, as well as on the alternative dispute resolution procedures. It includes information about the registration of domain names at national, regional and international levels, analysis of the ADR process at each level, and guidance on how to manage domain names as part of an overall brand strategy.
They can also advise on alternative dispute resolution procedures, which would avoid the need to go to court.
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