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''Alternative Dispute Resolution System' means any process or procedure used to resolve a dispute or controversy, other than by adjudication of a presiding judge of a court or an officer of a government agency, as defined in this Act, in which a neutral third party participates to assist in the resolution of issues, which includes ARBITRATION, mediation, conciliation, early neutral evaluation, mini-trial, or any combination thereof.' The same law was emphatic in saying that the ADR was 'an important means to achieve speedy and impartial justice and declog court dockets.'
It was aimed at introducing alternative dispute resolution system in which a court issue could be resolved through mediation from a conciliator between two parties outside the court.
He also announced to incorporate the proposals regarding changes in Alternative Dispute Resolution System forwarded by Senate body.
The Chief Justice said Alternative Dispute Resolution system is inevitable to resolve disputes as courts are so overburdened.
He termed the Alternative Dispute Resolution system as inevitable to resolve disputes as courts are so overburdened.
RAWALPINDI -- Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah on Tuesday said alternative dispute resolution system would help reduce the shelf life of cases.
The Council supports an alternative dispute resolution system limited to procedures brought by a consumer against a trader, and not covering health care services.
Harping on the need for spreading a settlement culture for the success of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution system, Al Hadhrami observed, "IEethink the culture of settlement is found in the Omani society since time immemorial.EeIn old times, most of the disputes were solved by heads of the tribes in an open session, locally known as Sabla.
If the Alternative Dispute Resolution system works, it should also be extended to payment disputes of up to e1/45,000.
He said that the Alternative Dispute Resolution system was a way of resolving disputes outside the formal judicial process where parties meet with a third party, a mediator, who helps them resolve their dispute.
In an effort to reduce this conflict and to maintain respect for First Nations cultures and traditions, an alternative dispute resolution system was created.
'An EU-sponsored Alternative Dispute Resolution System will help keep many contractual disputes arising from online trading out of court, which would mean considerable reductions in both cost and time for both parties.
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