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Archbishop Hutchison also said that he viewed "with interest, not alarm" the plan by Bishop Harvey, in his role as network moderator, to provide alternative episcopal oversight to conservative parishes unwilling to accept the authority of their diocesan bishop on the issue of sexuality.
Parishes in New Westminster are requesting alternative episcopal oversight because they feel their bishop is not orthodox.
To grant alternative episcopal oversight to a parish which does not agree with its bishop on this issue would change the whole structure of the church to a congregationalist model.
in his offer of alternative episcopal oversight to conservative parishes in the diocese of New Westminster orphaned by their diocese's June 2002 decision to proceed with same-sex marriages.
Alternative episcopal oversight has been overwhelmingly requested by our parish vestries, and we continue to affirm it as the appropriate Canadian solution that conscience requires.
Orji said he thought the ACiNW could accept whatever General Synod decided on same-sex blessings and hoped that synod would also allow alternative episcopal oversight if it allowed the blessings.
Orji said he thought the ACiNW could accept whatever General Synod decided on same-sex blessings, and hoped that synod would also allow alternative episcopal oversight if it allowed same-sex blessings.
Melbourne's acting archbishop, John Wilson, put out a statement warning that alternative episcopal oversight would diminish unity and hinder genuine discussion of important issues, according to a report from the Sydney Morning Herald.
Hird, who anticipates that other parishes will join the coalition when, not if, his group has alternative episcopal oversight.
The proposal stopped short of offering dissenting parishes and clergy alternative episcopal oversight, which some had proposed.
Conservatives have called for the dialogue to be shut down and the rector of the diocese's largest parish acknowledges there has beep informal talk of alternative episcopal oversight to allow traditionalist parishes to fall under the authority of a more traditional bishop.
I think that the model in England of alternative episcopal oversight, non-geographical bishops, does offer a possible way forward.
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