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In recalling that human rights activist and lawyer Tahir Elci was killed following a defamation campaign that targeted him and that pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-chair Selahattin DemirtaE- also faces a similar smear campaign, Erdem added: "What is desired by the government is the quashing of independent media by wiping out all alternative news sources. One might say that this goal has nearly been achieved.
People pick up alternative news sources from Russian, Turkish or European TV channels, while more tech-savvy citizens manage to get around the state Internet filtering systems and find news online.
* Regularly read alternative news sources that present the world as other cultures see it.
Just as major media can distort the news and views they present, alternative news sources can fail to offer complete and satisfactory evidence to support their reporting.
McGowan predicted that those in the nonfavored groups (male, white, Christian) would increasingly turn to alternative news sources (FOX, talk radio, websites) and warned that "an ideological press whose reporting and analysis is distorted by double standards, intellectual dishonesty, and fashionable cant, favoring certain groups over others, only poisons the national well." Eight years later, the well is poisoned, and the perverse phenomenon he reported in meticulous detail is more evident than ever.
Alternative news sources are playing for wiki-leaky-keeps, until the last satellite dies.
Look to alternative news sources, follow reports from human rights organizations--or just look in your own backyard.
*users turned to alternative news sources (such as blogs) for information;
As Ari also noted: "This is the first generation to grow up online, and digital natives tend to be more comfortable learning from alternative news sources and relying on their networks to flag big news.
Whatever CNN and the rest of AJE's competitors think and say, one thing is mightily clear--Al Jazeera's English channel has tapped into a post-9/11 hunger for alternative news sources. The region's people have needed a media that represents them for some time.
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