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It is seen from Table 6 that in the case of high level of job satisfaction, the factor "pay and its stability" is positively correlated with the factors "minimizing occupational stress." The factor "minimizing occupational stress" is positively correlated with the factors namely, "alternative work schedules", "promotional opportunities" and "satisfactory working environment".
Part III will analyze the reasons male lawyers are particularly averse to alternative work schedules; this non-use by men reinforces stereotypes of women in the legal workplace, while keeping men from realizing their dual goals of family involvement and workplace commitment.
(1987), "Alternative work schedules: two field quasi-experiments", Personnel Psychology, Vol.
"Now, more than ever, there is a lot of openness to the idea of alternative work schedules," says Barney Olmsted, co-director of New Ways to Work, a nonprofit San Francisco-based organization that promotes the use of creative work schedules.
On the management side, 85% of managers who had allowed an employee to use an alternative work schedule said they would permit it again.
Michael Karlsberg, the management analyst responsible for job sharing in the Bureau of Human Resource's Work-Life Division (WLD), says the practice is less common than alternative work schedules and teleworking.
Schadee also led an initiative to design a program to request alternative work schedules, realizing that women were leaving the accounting industry when they started families.
These include the adoption of policies to preserve diversity within the Firm, like alternative work schedules to increase retention of attorneys with small children.
The third part includes a short case study of an Australian workplace that provides the option of a 4DW to its staff as part of its commitment to alternative work schedules (AWS) and flexible work practices.
Tinson said Wassell was dismissed for violating a prohibition on "engaging in activity constituting or appearing to constitute a conflict with the interest of the Company." A senior UAW official, who asked not to be identified because they didn't have authority to speak with the press, said the union's current contract with Chrysler allows the company to utilize alternative work schedules to meet production demands.
Young shared ways for firms can retain talented women lawyers by offering alternative work schedules and providing support for those women who seek to become equity partners.
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