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AOXAutomated Optical Crossconnect
AOXAlternative Oxidase
AOXAlcohol Oxidase
AOXAdsorbable Organic Halides
AOXAlstria Office REIT AG
AOXArmies of Exigo (computer game)
AOXAdsorbable Organohalogens
AOXArmy of Xena
AOXAutomated Optical Cross-Connect
AOXAircrew Oxygen System
AOXAllemagne-au-Max (French; German pop culture forum)
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Sequence data of PTOX and alternative oxidase (AOX) used in the present study was obtained from Phytozome and GenBank database.
Origins, evolutionary history, and taxonomic distribution of alternative oxidase and plastoquinol terminal oxidase.
The IMMUTANS variegation locus of Arabidopsis defines a mitochondrial alternative oxidase homolog that functions during early chloroplast biogenesis.
Systemic induction and role of mitochondrial alternative oxidase and nitric oxide in a compatible tomato-tobacco mosaic virus interaction.
Activity of alternative oxidase and plant uncoupling mitochondrial protein in potato tubers stored at low temperature or submitted to artificial aging.
The role of alternative oxidase in tomato fruit ripening and its regulatory interaction with ethylene.
Student's paired t test was used for the analysis of succinate-dependent O uptake, alternative oxidase, and cytochrome oxidase activities.
1] protein for alternative oxidase activities found in other varieties of wheat (McCaig and Hill, 1977).
Influence of ethanol on alternative oxidase in mitochondria from callus-forming potato tuber discs.
It was previously reported that high level of copper inhibits plant respiration and induces the production of alternative oxidases in cultured cells (Padua et al.
The magnitude of e- flux through the alternative oxidase remains uncertain but we found no evidence that it has a significant impact on crop performance.
Properties of rubisco, alternative oxidase, and the photorespiration process already loom as opportunities for genetic manipulation.
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