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A2SAssist 2 Sell (real estate company)
A2SAlternative to Suspension (education)
A2SAMEDD Small Shelter
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Roughly 130 students voluntarily are enrolled in Hanover Township's Alternative to Suspension Program at Bartlett, Elgin and Streamwood high schools, Canton and Tefft middle schools, both in Streamwood, Parkwood Elementary in Hanover Park, and Oakhill and Sunnydale elementary schools, both in Streamwood.
Implement a Community in Schools Model in DAEP and create a model for alternative to suspension programs in partnership with TUSD 5.
He developed an Alternative to Suspension program for youth who risked being suspended or expelled from school, and he worked with the school council president on transgender issues.
The move, which is backed by Education Minister Mary Hanafin, is an alternative to suspension.
program is meant to offer an alternative to suspension with the student and his/her legal guardian making the choice between participation in S.
An alternative to suspension for middle school youths with behavior problems: Finding from a "school survival" group.
This model offers flexibility in the use of resources, provides more officer-parolee contact and also is used as an alternative to suspension for regular parole cases.
The program was developed as an alternative to suspension or expulsion from school, or criminal prosecution, for a first time offense because of the ineffectiveness of those traditional methods in changing behavior of young persons.
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