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Promethera is developing HepaStem as an alternative to transplant; it comprises liver stem cells obtained from ethically donated healthy human organs and expanded in GMP culture conditions.
More recently, the VAD is providing an alternative to transplant. VADs allow a near normal quality of life, with most patients returning home with their families.
Surgeons say they could be a long-term solution for serious heart failure or even an alternative to transplants. ( ANI )
Noel Gonzalez, head of the heart transplant team at Havana's Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital, Cuban scientists are working with mother cells to regenerate organs in animals as a better alternative to transplants, in order to slash the risk of rejection by the recipient's body.
Cord stem cells have been used as an alternative to transplanted bone marrow to treat a range of blood and immunological diseases, including leukaemia.
Such a strategy might offer an alternative to transplants of fetal brain tissue, a technique that federally funded U.S.
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