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AFVAlternative-Fuel Vehicle
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AFVAlternative Fuel Vehicle
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AFVAmerica's Funniest Home Video
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AFVAssociation Française du Violoncelle (French: French Cello Association)
AFVAssociation Football Virois (French football club; Vire, France)
AFVA Fairer Victoria (Australia)
AFVArmored Family of Vehicles
AFVAvantage Fiscal (special category of Belgium shares)
AFVAssociation Française du Vitiligo
AFVAlpine Forez Velay (French car club)
AFVAbdominal Visceral Fat
AFVAntiflood Valve (NASA)
AFVAngel Flight for Veterans
AFVAccompanied Field Visit
AFVAwaiting Fix Verification
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And it did the same for thousands of other Arizonans, turning what was supposed to be a modest $3 million initiative to encourage the use of alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs) into a half-billion-dollar boondoggle that nearly bankrupted the state and earned it national belly laughs.
Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has added to its fleet of more than 235 alternative-fuel vehicles by taking delivery of its first hybrid-electric vehicle, the Honda Insight, at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
The company owns around 300,000 alternative-fuel vehicles.
today said it will add 105 alternative-fuel vehicles to the corporate fleet of its operating companies.
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