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Further, communities are taking back their streets through crime watches, crime patrols and by establishing community centers and safe havens that offer alternatives for youth caught up in, or attracted to, the cycle of crime.
The UAE has always been keen on boosting direct financial and humanitarian assistance to countries where sea piracy has been active, for instance, in Somalia, enabling its local economy to flourish and provided the necessary funding to initiatives and projects to curb unemployment rates, develop breading-winning alternatives for youths in order to prevent them from resorting to acts of piracy.
The programs were developed in response to requests from juvenile justice administrators for treatment alternatives for youths who had been unresponsive to programs based on psycho-pathology and psychotherapy.
As for the "boot camps" that are opening up for juvenile offenders and are being considered as alternatives for youths who are unable to make the transition from high school to the world of work, their success is questionable, as is their usefulness in substituting for military service.
Blakely views the most important challenge to families as providing alternatives for youths.
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