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The potential altitude error with a remote altimeter setting makes the VDP unreliable.
The unexpected input to the Inertial Measurement Unit had a knock-on effect that caused a major altitude error in the guidance, navigation and control system software.
By using (15) and (28), the time derivative of the transformed altitude error pi(t) is shown as follows:
From this figure, we can conclude that the altitude error oversteps the prescribed bounds without the utilization of switching strategy, thus leading to the instability of the system.
During a precision instrument approach, a 50-foot altitude error is not negligible.
Especially when course deviation errors are similar, differences in altitude error suggest that participants were working harder or diverting more attentional resources from vertical control to achieve a satisfactory level of horizontal control.
A similar drift for a star a few hours off the meridian shows altitude error. To speed up the process, we measured the drift in declination using a graduated reticle and a stopwatch, then computed the correction needed.
The altitude error is less than 1 m at the auto-landing stage, which is small enough to ensure the UAV landing on specified point of the moving platform.
Figure 10 shows the altitude error in an auto-landing flight test.
The issue is whether abnormally cold temperatures introduce altitude errors in a barometric altimetry system and if those errors exceed obstacle clearance requirements used on terminal procedure segment altitudes.