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Whereupon, I used enough energy to qualify for a noise abatement takeoff-- nearing my altitude limit of 1,500 feet prior to the end of runway.
If it was a drone, it was at more than twice the 400ft legal altitude limit.
During an interview with Ohio's ( Journal News , Hart explained the man made "a couple of poor decisions" and triggered his parachute about 1,000 feet below the suggested altitude limit.
The altitude limit is 14,600 meters (48,000 feet), and airframe is designed to last 8,000 hours of service.
According to, the height of 45,000 feet is above the approved altitude limit for a Boeing 777-200.
Life is possible at any existing altitude on our planet, Even Zubieta-Castillo quoted "life is possible anywhere on this planet, provided that adequate nutrition and housing are available, and enough time is allowed for slow adaptation" (Zubieta-Castillo et al., 2003).West reports that 5340 m is probably the altitude limit for permanent residents (West, 2009).
It is situated in the higher area of the massif, at over 800m a.s.l., thus in the normal altitude limit of the newt for Romania.
This hazard of mixing ambient air and 100-percent oxygen helps explain why there is an altitude limit of 18,000 feet approved by the FAA on cannula use.
The belief that geese flying high is a signal of fair weather has been shown to be true because their altitude limit is lifted in periods of high pressure.
The RM3000 is built to withstand the rigors of flight, with an operational altitude limit of 100,000 ft.
It's quite common for a departure clearance to contain an altitude limit that is well below subsequent crossing restrictions or ME As.
While there is no formal altitude limit. Cirrus says 920 feet is required for full canopy inflation in a one-turn spin and deployments as low as 300 feet have been successful, says BRS, maker of CAPS.