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ALSIAlps System Integration Co., Ltd. (Japan)
ALSIAluminum Silicon
ALSIAssociazione Nazionale Laureati in Scienze dell'Informazione ed Informatica (Udine, Italy)
ALSIAssociation of the Lebanese Software Industry
ALSIAdvantage Learning Systems, Inc. (stock symbol)
ALSIAlberta Life Sciences Institute (Canada)
ALSIAnalytical Laboratory Services, Inc. (est. 1979; Pennsylvania)
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The manufacture of aluminum silicon carbide brake rotors for high volume applications via conventional sand casting can be difficult due to the settling of the silicon carbide particles.
The presentation, "Effect of Magnesium, Iron and Copper on Eutectic Solidification of Hypoeutectic Aluminum Silicon Alloys" (02-088), by G.
In addition, the process has been used on aluminum silicon alloys, ductile iron, nickel aluminum bronze alloys, and various steels and X-D composites.