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Arsenic [less than]2 [less than]2 Barium [less than]0.5 0.15 Cadmium [less than]0.15 [less than]0.05 Calcium 70 43 Chromium 30 0.6 Cobalt 0.15 [less than]0.08 Copper 0.5 [less than]0.1 Iron 1000 35 Lead [less than]2 [less than]2 Magnesium 25 17 Manganese 1.5 1.1 Mercury [less than]0.002 [less than]0.002 Molybdenum [less than]0.8 [less than]0.8 Nickel 0.3 0.17 Phosphorus 5 3 Potassium 4 4 Silver [less than]0.4 [less than]0.4 Sodium 250 250 Tin [less than]2 [less than]2 Titanium 10 1.7 Vanadium 15 0.45 Zinc 1.0 5.5 Zirconium 6.0 0.2 Standard alum coagulants are made from high-aluminum clays, while low-iron and iron-free grades are made from aluminum trihydrate, which can have a variety of impurities (Table 1).
Sodium aluminate hydrolyzes on the surface of aluminum trihydrate seed crystals to produce crystalline aluminum trihydrate.
The aluminum trihydrate is then ground and classified using the same procedures as other minerals, and is available in particle sizes from less than 1 [micro]m to several micrometers.
Aluminum trihydrate is low in cost and found abundantly in nature.
Widely used are chlorinated paraffins, antimony oxide, boron-compounds such as zinc borate, aluminum trihydrate and phosphate plasticizers.
Aluminum trihydrate splits off water, acting as an "internal extinguisher." It is said that some of these substances act with a synergetic effect.
This fire retardant can be an inorganic filler, such as aluminum trihydrate, vermiculite, silicate, phosphate, carbonate, or other halogen-free agent.
Offers a complete line of flame-retardants, including antimony oxide, zinc borate, solid and liquid chlorinated paraffins, aluminum trihydrate, magnesium hydroxide, and phosphate ester plasticizers.
Huber Engineered Materials recently introduced a flame retardant for pultrusion, resin transfer molding, and bulk molding/sheet molding compounding called MoldX A3 aluminum trihydrate (ATH).
New surface treatment technologies are opening up new applications for hydrated filler flame retardants such as magnesium hydroxide and aluminum trihydrate, says Gregory Coughlin, market development manager at Lonza, Inc.
Aluminum trihydrate and magnesium hydroxide combinations, both treated and untreated, are becoming more popular because of improved char, heat release, and smoke suppression.
Tsuei developed a benzoxazine resin mixed with a bisphenol A diglycidyl ether and bisphenol S resin containing ferrocene and aluminum trihydrates. These compositions are cured to form non-flammable networks that are stable at high temperatures and that do not generate toxic gases.