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ALNAluminum Nitride (ceramic substrate material used for heat dissipation in electronics)
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ALNAutomobile Loss Notice (insurance)
ALNAlbany and Northern Railway Company
ALNSt Louis Regional Airport, East Alton, IL
ALNAustralian Lawyers Network (Sydney, Australia)
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Features include a stainless-steel action with a three-position wing safety, claw extractor, 24-inch (without brake) Krieger barrel, a threaded muzzlebrake and titanium aluminum nitride coating by Borden Accuracy.
Their topics include waste energy harvesting using III-nitride materials, III-nitride nanostructures for inter-sub-band optoelectronics, growing single-crystal aluminum nitride by modified physical vapor transport and properties, III-nitride nano-structures and improving the luminescence efficiency for quantum well light-emitting diodes, fabricating and characterizing green resonant-cavity light-emitting diodes prepared by wafer transfer technologies, and group III-nitride nanostructures for light-emitting devices and beyond.
It can also be coupled to a superconducting qubit made on the surface of the sapphire using a disk of aluminum nitride, which converts acoustic energy into electromagnetic energy and vice versa.
In the above project, we use aluminum nitride, which has high thermal conductivity, as a material to produce high-performance ceramics layer.
Built on aluminum nitride substrates, Vishay Dale Thin Film PCAN Series High Power Aluminum Nitride SMD Resistors offer power ratings to 6W and resistance from 2?
The de facto standard of the micro-sized SAW delay lines or sensors fabrication technology is thin aluminum nitride (AIN) films, which exhibit excellent piezoelectrical properties [5].
In addition, existing face-down structures*5 require the use of expensive aluminum nitride in the substrate, but by using AuRoFUSE(TM), direct bonding with a metal substrate is possible, reducing costs and making possible to manufacture more compact and higher-performance modules.
Currently, LEDs use ceramics such as aluminum nitride (AIN) to do the trick, but the materials are expensive and hard to work with.
Wear resistance may be improved by a low-cost case hardening heat treatment in a nitrogen atmosphere (nitriding) that produces a hard surface layer of aluminum nitride, AIN.
Durex Industries has developed an Aluminum Nitride (AIN) Ceramic Heater technology with embedded Tungsten RTD sensor.
Durex Industries recently announced successfully developing an Aluminum Nitride (AIN) Ceramic Heater technology with an embedded Tungsten RTD sensor.