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AlvinDeep-Sea Submersible (named after Allyn Vine, WHOI engineer)
AlvinAir Launched Vehicle Investigation
AlvinAlaska License Vehicle Information Network
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"Of course, we make sure that the songs are in sync with the Biblical messages of the day," Alvin told a recent mediacon.
Alvin's histrionic versatility was such that he could play both the Fool and Lear in Lear, remaining equally effective making long speeches or remaining mute.
The museum's curator and manager, Liz Weston MBE, said: "Whether people knew Alvin personally, are fans or simply like pop, we hope they'll find plenty of interest in this intriguing exhibition.
One of them was Alvin who was carrying a five-gallon water container when he was punched by Titus twice because he did not report to him at the Tambayan.
"We take great pride in awarding Alvin Community College with the Mobile App Grant.
The Hello Alvin healthcare product will be sold to consumers as prepaid codes, priced at USD 100 annually and merchandised alongside other popular prepaid products which epay distributes via its retail distribution network.
Steve Welch: Anyone | remember the 1976 public information film with Alvin teaching the Green Cross Code to a group of girls?
The hearse of the 1970s glam rocker was escorted to St Thomas's Church in Swansea by 30 bikers after dad-of-five Alvin's daughter Sophie asked for Harley Davidson riders to attend.
Mr O'Brien said: "In the final months, Alvin had a lot of time to reflect and there was no doubt where he wanted to have his funeral.
Now 44, heart-broken widow Julie said: "Alvin and I were married at St Thomas' Church.
THE late Alvin Stardust spent the last months of his life at a Midland recording studio, secretly laying down tracks for what he hoped would be the comeback album that would catapult him into the charts.
TRIBUTES have been paid to singer and actor Alvin Stardust who has died aged 72 after a short illness.