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AOFFAfrican Organic Farming Foundation (Benmore, South Africa)
AOFFAlways Off
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Who are these people always off their faces on drugs?
He said: "Lily is always off the lead but she was barking and normally she never barks.
It's a reliably bankable formula of world-saving action sequences, new villain introductions and clever quips from women on the side (and they, most assuredly, are always off to the side).
Sir Henry Cecil went just two furlongs more but a mile and a half was always off the compass.
00 Hexham Dianne Sayer's 11-year-old looked to be running into form when a close fourth over 3m2f at Kelso last month, but five days later was always off the bridle before unseating over an inadequate 2m61/2f at Market Rasen.
Lebanon once was on now it is always OFF #BlameBassil," tweeted Mazen Kadi.
Until now they have alternated film projects so one parent is always off.
We could be as bad as each other, mischievous kids always looking for fun and excitement, always off on mini adventures.
It was iconic, always off the shoulder, she would always wear clothes which showed off her waist.
All the times I was in Coventry was either on none-game days or when there were no games happening, so my timing was always off which is regrettable, but I was watching very closely from afar.
CHICAGO (AP) -- If you're someone who can't ever remember a good joke or your timing is always off when you get to the punch line, there may be help at hand.