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It's impossible to project economic activity more than two years in the future with pinpoint accuracy - the numbers are always off, and when they're on the low side, kicker rebates are triggered.
Their untrustworthy guardians are a stepmother, who's always off on botanical expeditions, and the stepmother's husband, an evil sorcerer named Duke Rikard.
Said Drury: "The job was done in the first leg in reality, and going there with such a big lead the pressure was always off to an extent.
3(b), [G.sub.2] and [G.sub.5] are always on, and [G.sub.1] and [G.sub.6] are always off. The inductor [L.sub.A] is energized from the utility through [G.sub.2] and [G.sub.4] when [G.sub.4] is on and [G.sub.3] is off, and the energy stored in the inductor [L.sub.A] will be released to the dc capacitor of the three-arm power converter through [G.sub.2] and [G.sub.3] when [G.sub.4] is off and [G.sub.3] is on.
"My wife is a shopaholic, always off buying shoes or something, so I have got to keep the money coming, somehow" - Ozzy Osbourne, confirming he will continue to pursue a solo career.
All young women with rich literary promise but none can so far match the beauty of the prose or the nuance of feeling in a Virgina Woolf novel, where the action is always off stage.
Who are these people always off their faces on drugs?
He said: "Lily is always off the lead but she was barking and normally she never barks.
It's a reliably bankable formula of world-saving action sequences, new villain introductions and clever quips from women on the side (and they, most assuredly, are always off to the side).
Sir Henry Cecil went just two furlongs more but a mile and a half was always off the compass.