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Amami Oshima is one of the northern islands in the Ryukyu island chain that includes Okinawa.
According to Japan's Meteorological Agency, the typhoon is 180km East of the island of Amami and is moving North at 15kph, RT reported.
TUNIS - A prominent Tunisian blogger who accused police of fabricating drugs charges against him walked free from court on Friday after a judge threw out the case.Azyz Amami, who was active during the 2011 uprising and was critical of the police both during and after the revolution, was arrested along with a friend on May 12 for "possession and consumption of drugs", a charge that can carry a five-year jail term.The court registry office said that the judge had "pronounced that the case was dismissed"."I had no narcotic substance in my possession, I had nothing at all.
Le communique precis egalement qu'apres les investigations, il s'est avere que l'un des deux individus arretes repond au nom d'Azyz Amami et que ce dernier a refuse de se soumettre au test de detection de consommation de drogue.
Precipitation in a 24-hour period to Friday noon is forecast to reach up to 300 mm in the Shikoku region, up to 250 mm in the Kinki region and up to 150 mm in Yamaguchi Prefecture, the Kyushu region and the Amami region, Kagoshima Prefecture.
"We cannot forget the history of hardships of Okinawa, the Amami islands, and the Ogasawara islands, that they were outside Japan's administration for a certain period of time after the war," Abe said.
The company expects that as a system friendly to the environment MALS will play a solid role in protecting the beautiful nature of the Amami Islands and Okinawa.
Night tours on Amami reveal natural wonders of island
Typhoon Roke, moving slowly northward off Amami Island in the Pacific in southwestern Japan, is expected to bring torrential rain Monday evening in Nara and Wakayama prefectures in the peninsula, where landslides triggered by a powerful typhoon earlier this month created mud dams that could collapse and flood areas downstream.
I must be one of the first blokes to ditch Brylcreem for Amami Wave Set and Conditioner.
Typhoon threatens to approach Okinawa, Amami, Kyushu