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"'You are saved,' cried Captain Delano, more and more astonished and pained; 'you are saved: what has cast such a shadow upon you?'" It is no coincidence that such an intriguing question, posed by the American Captain Amasa Delano to his Spanish counterpart Benito Cereno at the end of Herman Melville's 1855 novella (1981, 208), is used by Ralph Ellison as an epigraph to his 1952 magnum opus Invisible Man (1995b, n.p.).
Las historias tambien se amalgaman mediante comparaciones insolitas como mecanismo: el universo como una masa de pastel ("Mama amasa la masa"), la luna como un yogur ("Trinidad").
Early Americans, such as Benjamin Franklin and Amasa Delano, initially praised China as a place of wealth, culture, and wisdom, which could be emulated by their young nation.
This condition was stipulated by David Hume (1752), William Gouge (1833), Amasa Walker (1873), Charles H.
Born on April 28, 1926, Harper Lee was the youngest child of former newspaper editor and proprietor Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Lee.
Her father, Amasa Coleman Lee, was a lawyer and it is reported that her character of Atticus Finch was loosely based on him.
Her own father, Amasa Coleman Lee, was a lawyer who defended two black men accused of murder.
She was the youngest of four children to lawyer Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Cunningham Finch Lee.
Carnoy (91) independently proposed elaborate identifications of Babylonian and Indo-Iranian deities, often involving secondary developments like the seven Adityas of the Veda and the six Amasa Spantas (plus Ahura Mazdah) of the Younger Avesta in an attempt to link them to Babylonian symbolism regarding the number seven.