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AMSATAmateur Radio Satellite
AMSATRadio Amateur Satellite Corporation
AMSATAmerican Society for the Alexander Technique (alternative medicine)
AMSATAmerican Satellite
AMSATAustralian Marine Science and Technology Ltd
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One of which is the Tancredo-1, a small amateur radio satellite that will fall on October 18 and the protective cover of the ISS that will fall on October 19, and another one on October 27.
"Nayif-1 is an amateur radio satellite. It will be the first satellite from the UAE to be launched into an elliptical orbit," Ebrahim Hamza Al Qasimi, acting manager of the Knowledge Management And Strategic Research Section at EIAST, said, "Seven Emirati students from mechanical, electrical and computer engineering disciplines have been assigned to the project.
During the Apollo years of 1968-69, I was captivated by space and so combined my interest in communications and space to join AMSAT (Amateur Radio Satellites) and constructed a home-built tracking station for the then Soviet and US weather satellites using scrounged and surplus parts.
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