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As it is difficult to find records from amateur science societies in Canada there is no comparable set of Canadian records to discern society policies in Canada.
It is the contention of John Clark that the Victorian period marked the end of entomology as a 'bastion of amateur science'.
Chapters blend history and intriguing facts about the people who uncovered the secrets of weather and the atmosphere with hard science, making for a most accessible, even fun survey perfect for the non-college amateur science reader.
Personally, I thought none of them worth the effort required to make them sensible reading even as amateur science fiction.
The Ashmole manuscripts display one antiquarian's hobbyhorses: heraldry, amateur science, and medicine; the college manuscripts are diverse, but, since the core of the older libraries is composed of the gifts of early benefactors, theology is well to the fore.
Fortunately, the same remote-observing technology that's changing amateur science grants public access to professional databases, giving citizens a chance to organize the chaos.
Amateur science, and especially amateur astronomy, would not have taken root in postwar America quite as they did had it not been for Norman Wilson Edmund, who died on January 16th at age 95.
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