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zonAmazon (Diablo II game character class)
zonZorg Onderzoek Nederland
zonzearalenone (mycotoxin)
zonZuid Oost Nederland (Dutch: South East Netherlands)
zonAmazon Parrot
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CUTLINE: Faithful feathered friend "Bobby," a 20-year-old yellowhead Amazon parrot, gets his head rubbed by his master and best friend, David Paradise.
The Amazon parrot, large and green, with a stout body and a square tail, is a favorite in pet shops, and so is the African grey, an excellent talker.
Key words: benzodiazepine, premedication, bird, muscle relaxant, restraint, sedation, avian, wildcaught parrot, blue-fronted Amazon parrot.
The zoo's team of 10, which included experienced conservationists, biologists, avian and horticultural experts, spent two weeks following the Ecuador Amazon parrot - a bird only recognised as a species in its own right in December 2013 after years of study by the zoo's director general, Dr Mark Pilgrim.
The family currently have two gerbils, two hamsters, a cat, a lizard, four cockatiels and a green Amazon parrot, the court heard.
YOU'RE J CLICKED State of the art Aptus camera and augur buzzard LET Z US PREY Fish eagle swoops on its next meal GREEN 3 AND GONE A blue fronted Amazon parrot from back
But Ollie, a blue-fronted Amazon parrot, has now been caught after getting careless with his new-found freedom.
An Amazon Parrot had plucked out its own feathers while suffering anxiety.
We aired out the apartment and considered ourselves lucky until the next morning, when my lilac crested Amazon parrot was having trouble breathing and, within minutes, died in my hands.
Just like in the movie classic Treasure Island, which featured the adventures of Long John Silver, Tim's two-year-old Blue Fronted Amazon parrot is perched almost permanently on his shoulder.
The couple found the blue-fronted Amazon parrot was as talkative as a Trappist monk and as vicious as a vulture after taking it home to their children, Emma, 11, Lauren, 10, and Sarah, eight.