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The ambient air temperatures are taken from 35 [degrees]C to 45 [degrees]C in the experimental study.
County-level estimates of precipitation in millimeters and ambient air temperature in degrees Fahrenheit ([degrees]F) were generated using meteorological predictions from the North American Land Data Assimilation System Phase 2 model (Mitchell et al.
Since there are eleven linguistic terms for the difference between the grain mass and ambient air temperature, and fifteen for the relative humidity of the ambient air, there will be one hundred sixtyfive different rules available to form a consistent base of rules for the rational execution of the aeration.
Because it is generally assumed that plants take on the temperature of the environment, many current Earth system models for predicting plant-atmosphere feedbacks assume that plant physiology operates at the ambient air temperature.
For extreme ambient air temperatures such as 50[degrees]C to 55[degrees]C, the ethanol vapor will still condense as long as the ambient air temperature is lower than 78[degrees]C.
Case 1: Ambient air temperature 60[degrees]F [DELTA]T JT value in the expanding gas is 130[degrees]F.
The effective sky or atmospheric temperature can be related to ambient air temperature by using the following equation (Centeno 1982):
The heat pump for the 50 gallon HPWH runs only if the ambient air temperature is 45-120[degrees]F (7.
Ambient air temperature was 32 degrees Celsius, DA was +1,700 feet, and winds were calm.
What is happening below ground in and around the pipe is equally as important as the ambient air temperature.
And Down Under, where the ambient air temperature in Melbourne is so high you can fry an omelette on the tennis court, Rafael Nadal once again turned on the heat against Roger Federer.
The new system will project future energy demand based on previously collected data relating to ships' energy consumption, weather patterns, ambient air temperature, time of day, etc.
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