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AVTAsociación Víctimas del Terrorismo (Victims of Terrorism Association; Spain)
AVTAutonomous Vehicle Team (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
AVTApplied Vehicle Technology
AVTAnti-Viral Therapy
AVTAudio Video Transport
AVTAnalog Video Tuner
AVTAttribute Value Template
AVTAppliance Virtual Target
AVTActive Voice Technology
AVTAmbient Vibration Testing (civil engineering)
AVTAllied Vision Technologies (est. 1989)
AVTAudio Video Technology (various organizations)
AVTAdvisory Visiting Teacher (Australia)
AVTAudiovisual Translation
AVTAdult Vocational Training
AVTAssistive Voting Technology (Canada)
AVTAudio/Visual Transport
AVTAdvanced Vehicle Technologies
AVTAll-Volatile Treatment
AVTAvailable Time
AVTTraining Aircraft Carrier
AVTAuto Volume Transfer
AVTAutomatic Video Tracker
AVTAdaptive Visualization Technology (DVTel/OmniVee Ltd.)
AVTArchitecture Verification Test
AVTAir Velocity Transducer
AVTApplication Virtual Terminal
AVTAviation Medicine Technician
AVTAutomatic Vessel Tracking
AVTAudio/Visual Tutorial
AVTAudio-Visual Terminal (WorldCom)
AVTAppendage Vector Table
AVTArginine Vastocin
AVTAudio Vidéo Transmission (French: Audio Video Transmission; Livry-Gargan, France)
AVTApplied Voice Technologies Ltd.
AVTAutomated Verification Testing
AVTApplication Vertical Test program
AVTArmored Veritech Fighter (Macross)
AVTAutomatic Vertical Tabulation
AVTApollo Validation Test
AVTAnti-Viral Toolkit
AVTAir-Vibrating Table
AVTAd Valorem Tariff
AVTAccelerated Vesication Test (electronics)
AVTArchitecture Ville et Territoire (French: Architecture and City Planning; Avignon, France)
AVTArtisan, Village and Tiny (Industries)
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In (Gentile, Saisi 2007), an ambient vibration testing was carried out in order to provide complementary information on the bell-tower of the Cathedral of Monza, Italy.
Before the ambient vibration testing be carried out on the Nossa Senhora das Dores Church, a 3D (Fig.
These modal shapes also can be used for justify the accelerometers positioning adopted during ambient vibration testing.
Saisi, "Ambient vibration testing of historic masonry towers for structural identification and damage assessment," Construction and Building Materials, vol.
Model properties of the empty structure are obtained based on ambient vibration testing method.
Firstly, a finite element analysis of the Mikron arch bridge was conducted, then the bridge was subjected to ambient vibration testing, and the vibratory response was obtained.
Bayraktar, "Ambient vibration testing and seismic behavior of historical arch bridges under near and far fault ground motions," Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, vol.
Mongelli, "Ambient vibration testing, dynamic identification and model updating of a historic tower," NDT & E International, vol.
[7] have investigated the water level effects on the dynamic response of the dams by means of ambient vibration testing on a prototype arch dam reservoir-foundation model performed in a laboratory.
In this study, ambient vibration testing is conducted for the Dongdaemun for the purpose of story stiffness evaluation.
Ambient Vibration Testing. The Dongdaemun is located at an intersection of roads and above two subway lines.
After completion of ambient vibration testing at Go-Jus, the four pairs of moving sensors are installed twice at four Guigo-Ju's with the elevations of 5.8, and 8.8 m, respectively for each setup (Figure3(b)).