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The results of each study showed that the participants paired with openly gay partners performed on average 32% better on the cognitive task and 20% better on the sensory-motor task compared to participants paired with ambiguously gay partners.
Former ``SNL'' and ``Late Night with Conan O'Brien'' writer Robert Smigel - who has created cartoons like ``The X-Presidents'' and ``The Ambiguously Gay Duo'' as well as the only puppet to be served with a lawsuit, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - joins the fray with Comedy Central's new series, ``TV Funhouse.
He is the voice of 'Gary, The Commissioner,' and various other characters on the animated Saturday Night Live series "The Ambiguously Gay Duo.
Regarding "Coming Out of the Virtual Closet" [January 16], Cybil in Silent Hill is not ambiguously gay in the least.
While Jimmy may be the first gay game character to draw fire from antigay Christian forces, he joins a small but growing list of explicitly or ambiguously gay characters in video games.
Ambiguously gay duos have appeared in TV commercials before, but a recently aired ad for Miller Lite takes the "ambi" out of ambiguous.
Doubtless they were a lucrative market for certain kinds of products, such as clothing and toiletries, then as now, which is why advertisers were willing to risk a bit of ambiguously gay interaction to attract their business.
Saturday Night Live gives its 90 minutes to Ace and Gary, the Ambiguously Gay Duo, to host highlights from Robert Smigel's inventive shorts (short films, that is].
After years of fumbles and false starts, it seems that some companies are finally ready to embrace overtly gay TV ads during prime time, just as other companies are keeping their ambiguously gay ads closeted.
on Broadway; Albert in The Birdcage; ambiguously gay meerkat Timon in The Lion King; husband to Bette Midler's Jacqueline Susann in Isn't She Great .