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VHVan Halen
VHVery High
VHVan Helsing (movie)
VHVirtual Hospital
VHVampire Hunter (movie)
VHVertical Horizon (band)
VHVisible Human (National Library of Medicine)
VHVoyage Home (Star Trek Movie)
VHVirtual Host (Apache webserver)
VHViolet Hold (World of Warcraft)
VHVista Hermosa (Guatemala real estate developers)
VHVaginal Hysterectomy
VHHorizontal Velocity (maximum air velocity in level flight)
VHAmbulance Plane (US Navy)
VHVladimir Horowitz (classical pianist)
VHVapor Heated (chemical processing)
VHVery Humorous
VHVenus Hum (band)
VHVirtual Hug
VHVIP Helicopter (prefix used to describe US presidential helicopters)
VHVandal Hearts (gaming)
VHVisual Hallucination
VHVote Health (Oakland, CA)
VHNavy Rescue Squadron (US Navy)
VHVertical Transmit, Horizontal Receive (antenna polarization)
VHVentilation Haute (French: High-Level Ventilator)
VHVehicle Heading
VHVacuum Hohlraum
VHValve House
VH[not an acronym] prefix to Australian registered civil aircraft
VHNavy Air-Sea Rescue Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1930s to 1940s)
VHVentilation Heterogeneity
VHVirtuts Homòlogues (Catalan band)
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A small ambulance plane crashed near the Philippines capital Manila on Sunday and killed all the nine people on board.
According to the hospital's online statement, "Two cases of red and yellow were flown by an ambulance plane to Khoula hospital.
At the time, an Antonov An-28 ambulance plane fell near Almaty.
Last Thursday, Louis, dressed in a Pudsey onesie, was flown by ambulance plane to Newcastle after a heart became available.
WOUNDED PALESTINIANS: Four Palestinians who were injured during the attacks carried out by Israeli army in Gaza Strip were taken to Ankara for medical treatment with an ambulance plane on Monday.
An ambulance plane brought Lefter back to Istanbul on an order by Fenerbahce's President Aziz Yildirim.
At 20:00 Turkish ambulance plane took off carrying another suffering Palestinian baby to hope and salvation.
got my husband [on military service] a forty-eight-hour pass and the ambulance plane to fly me home'.
No isolation precautions were observed in the ambulance that had transferred her to the ambulance plane to Rennes.
Astonishingly, her grandmother survived and next morning Demi hired a private ambulance plane to take her to the Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque for an emergency heart operation.
The ministry had earlier tried to treat the two Saudis at Cleveland Hospital in the US but their condition was not suitable to transport them using an air ambulance plane.
We plan to fly to Istanbul at about 18.00 hours on Monday in an ambulance plane, Acar said.