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AMDOArticulated Motion and Deformable Objects (computer imaging)
AMDOAviation Maintenance Duty Officer (US Navy)
AMDOAeronautical Maintenance Duty Officer
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After rapid development that we are seeing throughout our journey, Amdo remains like a typical highway town, the main purpose of its existence seems to be to cater to the vehicles plying on the Golmud- Lhasa road.
In Chapter two, "Tulkus, genuine charisma, and its transmissible interiority in Kham and Amdo," Smyer Yu emphasizes how Tibetan charisma functions as a "collective religio-spiritual phenomenon" (30).
The black rock series for this study come from exposures in Gangni village (Township) and Amdo 114 station (of the Qinghai-Tibet highway), north-central Tibet (Fig.
Kumbum Monastery in Amdo, Tibet, has 10,000 visitors each day, and the monks are constantly doing pujas for money and have become businessmen.
Thanks to donations from Gap Adventures travellers and staff, Planeterra was able to fund a recent Eye Camp in Amdo Province of Tibet that restored the sight of 207 people aged 7 to 95.
Alhosain Wald Amdo has hailed the international status of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its political and humanitarian stands especially on the support for the Palestinian cause and Muslims&' causes.
While describing the historical relations of conflict between Chinese forces and ethnic Tibetans living in regions adjacent to China, the writer cited a book by Teichman published in 1922 that described harsh treatment of Chinese authorities to ethnic Tibetans living in the eastern Tibetan regions of Kham and Amdo.
Eira Mawr Y llan dan amdo llonydd, - a'i degwch Yn dagwr heolydd; Ei wen faneg am fynydd A'i lendid yn gwrlid gwy e dd.
But refugees from far-flung areas of Tibet such as Amdo and parts of Kham were not so fortunate.
Mae'r meirwon wedi eu gorchuddio a chadachau euraidd, a'r elor liwgar yn cael ei drochi yn yr afon cyn tynnu'r llieiniau a rhoi'r ymadawedig yn ei amdo plaen ar y tan oer.
2), depicting a prostrate figure pinned down by the tremendous weight of a concrete block, refers to the urbanisation of a new area at Amdo, where the government moved nomads into concrete houses.
com -- 11/14 April-- Ms Blouin MacBain stated that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is seeking "political" independence beyond the Tibetan Autonomous Region to include two adjoining provinces, Amdo (Qinghai) and eastern Kham (western Sichuan) -- a geography that represents approximately one quarter of China.