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24,25) A reduced capacity of amelogenin elimination triggered by F- prevents the thickening of enamel crystals and leads to incomplete mineralization.
Reduced hydrolysis of amelogenin may result in X-linked amelogenesis imperfecta.
The strong association of the products of SRY with male phenotype suggests that SRY is the most accurate available marker for prediction of male appearance and is often used as a confirmatory test when an amelogenin test produces unexpected results.
Girondot M, Sire J-Y Evolution of the amelogenin gene in toothed and toothless vertebrates.
Supramolecular assembly of amelogenin nanospheres into birefringent microribbons.
1994: PCR based sex determination assay in cattle based on the bovine amelogenin locus.
Carroll explained that her pioneering treatment, RPE, is a very specific protocol and technique, combining the use of enzyme inhibitors, endoscope-aided piezoelectric root instrumentation to expose connective tissue and remove root accretions microscopically, a diode soft-tissue laser to help remove granulomatous tissue in deep furcations and other deep bony defects and amelogenin protein (Emdogain) application to promote regeneration of bone.
The major protein components of the enamel matrix include the most abundant amelogenin proteins as well as less plentiful proteins such as enamelin and ameloblastin.
Multiplex STR-PCR was performed on 2 ng of genomic DNA using the AmpFISTR SGM Plus (PEBiosytems, CA, USA) or AmpFISTR Identifier Kits (Applied Biosystems, CA, USA), which contain 10-15 STR loci plus amelogenin gene, respectively.
The presence or absence of an amelogenin amplicon helps to distinguish female and male DNA and to check for substantial maternal contamination in samples of DNA extracted from chorionic villi.
An additional genetic test of length polymorphism in the amelogenin gene (Ennis and Gallagher, 1994) indicated that the hair sample was derived from a male bear.
The Profiler Plus[TM] kit probes nine different STR loci and the gender indicator amelogenin (Table 1.