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Since LAMP-1 and LAMP-3 are identified as binding partners for mouse amelogenin (Zou et al., 2007), several studies have reported that LAMP-1 located in the cell membrane binds to amelogenin and that it may be a signaling receptor of amelogenin (Le et al., 2007; Zhang et al., 2010).
Human periodontal fibroblast response to enamel matrix derivative, amelogenin, and platelet-derived growth factor-BB.
The DNA profile data to be entered into the database system is a PCR based DNA identification profile consisting of 15 loci, excluding amelogenin, each consisting of two alleles for each locus.
Patient Informative loci 1 M D5S818; CSF1PO; D13S317 2 P D12S391; D13S317; CSF1PO; D18S51 3 CH D12S391; D1S1656; D10S1248; FGA; D13S317; D8S1179 4 F FGA; D8S1179 7 SA Amelogenin Y, TH01, D13S317, D5S818, SE33 8 CHA D10S1248, FGA, D18S51, D8S1179 Table 4: Proportion of donor cells in the bone marrow (BM), CFU-Fs, and MSCs.
The STR profile of CSF1PO, D13S317, D16S539, D5S818, D7S820, TH01, vWA, TPOX, and amelogenin showed a 100% match between used HTR8/SVneo and the ATCC STR database profile ( specifications).
MMP-20 (enamelysin) degrades amelogenin, occurring originally in enamel [10].
To establish individual identity, sex, and population of origin, these samples were analyzed at 15 microsatellite markers (G10B, G1D, G10M, G10P, MU50, MU59, G10J, G10H, G1A, G10C, G10L, G10X, CXX110, CXX20, G10U) plus the sex-linked amelogenin marker (Ennis and Gallagher, 1994).
Inorganic component mostly comprises hydroxyapatite (HAp) which has a chemical formula Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 (calcium hydroxyapatite).1 Organic part comprises proteins, mainly amelogenin, ameloblastin and tuftelin, with traces of proteoglycans and lipoids which mostly disappear upon enamel maturation.
Is the amelogenin gene reliable for gender identification in forensic casework and prenatal diagnosis?
Genotyping was based on the amplification, in three replicates, of one marker (Amelogenin gene) for gender determination and 11 unlinked autosomal micro-satellites (dinucleotides: C09.250, CPH2, CPH4, CPH5, CPH8, CPH12; Ostrander et al.
Many risk factors have been associated with the development of DDE and it includes medical conditions [35, 36], social factors [37], medical problems during pregnancy [38], absence of breast feeding [38], nutritional problems [37], and mutation in the amino acid sequence of amelogenin gene [39].