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59 percent Pakistanis opposed America's war on terror 33.
Munich holds up a mirror to America's War on Terror and invites us to take a long, sober look at the things we have done to avenge the killings of 9/11.
Sony Pictures has optioned the film rights to former White House official Richard Clarke's controversial bestselling book 'Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror'.
AMERICA'S war on terror was likened yesterday to Germany's strategy during two world wars.
It was quite refreshing, to say the least, to read a frank and open examination on "America's War on Terror" in the July/August 2002 issue of Foreign Affairs by Grenville Byford who is identified by the journal, as a "Boston-Based entrepreneur and independent analyst of international relations." I suspect that this was a description that he himself supplied to accompany his very important contribution.
Byford explains why America's war on terror is what he calls "morally unsatisfying" and could possibly be "counter to American national interests." The reason for this disconnect, he says, is because the "war" is not nuanced and as an example of this lack of nuance he gives the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
On November 13 the president issued an executive order calling for military tribunals that would try and sentence prisoners of the war in Afghanistan, and though America's war on terror was to be an international affair, these special tribunals would not be.
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