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AASPAustralasian Association for Suicide Prevention (Australia)
AASPAssociation for Applied Sport Psychology (est. 1986)
AASPAsian American Studies Program (various schools)
AASPApple Authorized Service Provider
AASPAuthorized Apple Service Provider (Apple computer products)
AASPAssociação dos Advogados de São Paulo (Brazil)
AASPAmerican Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists
AASPAlliance of Automotive Service Providers
AASPAmerican Alliance of Service Providers
AASPAdopt-a-School Partners
AASPAmerican Association of Swine Practitioners
AASPASCII Asynchronous Support Package
AASPAsian Association of Social Psychology
AASPAmerican Association for Single People
AASPAfrican American Studies Program
AASPAmerican Academy of Spine Physicians
AASPAmerican Academy of School Psychology
AASPAlberta Association for Safety Partnerships (Canada)
AASPArizona Association of School Psychologists
AASPAssociation of Advancement Services Professionals (Durham, NC)
AASPAcute Atrophic Spinal Paralysis
AASPAlabama Association of School Psychologists
AASPArmy Automation Security Program
AASPAmerican Antiquarian Society Proceedings
AASPAndrew Antenna System Planner
AASPAmerican Association for Social Psychiatry
AASPAscending Aorta Synchronized Pulsation
AASPAircraft ASW Search Patterns
AASPAdvanced Airborne Surveillance Program
AASPArmy Automation Standardization Program (US Army)
AASPAmerican Association of School Psychologists
AASPAustralian ATM Strategic Plan
AASPAll About South Park
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Role and Promise of American Academy of School Psychology in Our Failing School Programs
The American Academy of School Psychology was founded in 1995, and it seeks to guarantee Superintendents with a person that is the most capable staff member possible to deal with behavior and learning problems.
Its specific purposes are, (1) to recognize, recommend and otherwise support credentialing in School Psychology; (21) to advance School Psychology as a science and practice, and (3) to facilitate communication among members of the Academy on a variety of professional issues (The American Academy of School Psychology, 1995).
This paper has addressed the merits of having the American Academy of School Psychology.
The American Academy of School Psychology have prepared the "Diplomate" in school psychology to help deals with these two problems.
Reilly the present President of the American Academy of School Psychology, and Dr.
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