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ANGAir National Guard
ANGAdsorbed Natural Gas
ANGNetherlands Antillian Guilder (ISO currency code)
ANGAnglian (linguistics)
ANGAcademia Non Grata (Estonian art school; est. 1998)
ANGAlameda News Group (California)
ANGAmerican Needlepoint Guild, Inc.
ANGAmerican Angler
ANGAmerican Newspaper Guild
ANGAlberta Natural Gas
ANGAssociated Natural Gas (Company; Missouri)
ANGAir Niugini, Papua New Guinea (ICAO code)
ANGAdaptive Non-Linear Guidance
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I examine another lure that in sha v e resembles something most American anglers can relate to.
American anglers Would go nuts over them if we could get them.
Akara, one of the bigger tackle companies in Eastern Europe, is now exporting some of its finest ice offerings for American anglers (check akarafishing.
American anglers have been wondering if they will ever be allowed back.
North Western Ontario Tourism Association (NWOTA) president Jerry Fisher says "minor criminalities," such as old impaired driving charges, have caused grief for some American anglers and hunters being denied entry to Canada and for camp owners dealing with lost overnight bookings.
Few American anglers have ever caught a Niugini bass, so much of our information is from anglers in Australia and Asia.
Given the resourcefulness of American anglers and the general lack of cash flow, it's hard to figure why so many companies have entered the rod-building arena.
In recent years, Panama offshore has garnered major attention as one of the premier destinations in easy striking distance of American anglers interested in serious billfish and tuna action.
As an expensive lead alternative, tungsten has gained favor among North American anglers, particularly for bullet and drop-shot sinkers.
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