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Sachan, "Some commercial edible bamboo species of North East India: production, indigenous uses, cost-benefit and management strategies," The Journal of the American Bamboo Society, vol.
The following has been taken from the American Bamboo Society website concerning the growth habits of bamboo:
And don't forget to browse the American Bamboo Society webpage at and look through the booklists.
The American Bamboo Society currently lists on its Web site no less than 91 bamboo nurseries and product suppliers nationwide.
Every April the American Bamboo Society (ABS) publishes a list of bamboos available in the U.S., along with their suppliers.
American Bamboo Society. Chapters throughout the West.
For a lift of bamboo species sources, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to American Bamboo Society, 1101 San Leon court, Solana Beach, Calif.
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